Vivienne Kerrigan
Vivienne Kerrigan | Hynotherapy, Mind Coaching | Dublin

Vivienne is a Hypnotherapist & IAMC-accredited Mind Coach from Dublin, Ireland. Vivienne has been working with pregnant women for over 12 years. Vivienne has created her own unique ante-natal program by combining this invaluable personal experience with skill in hypnotic relaxation, alongside her NLP training. The aim of this program is to ensure women are aware of how amazing childbirth is, whether giving birth with or without an epidural, in hospital, at home or via emergency section.

From labour to parenthood, Vivienne has discovered that a calm mind and a relaxed attitude are imperative for an easier life. As such, Vivienne has developed a unique set of Audio Support Programs for parents to use in the comfort of their own homes.
These CDs are designed  to re-energise your tired bones, recharge your sanity so that you feel better able to control your reaction to whatever life presents you..

Key Areas:

  • Childbirth
  • Parenting
  • Relaxation

Vivvienne Kerrigan
Tel: (01) 823 4984 & 086 807 7777


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