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This educational and entertaining 2 day workshop takes an in-depth look at how to successfully apply NLP in a Business environment.

NLP or Neuro Linguistic Programming is an exciting set of psychological tools that are practical, easy to learn and will bring about a profound change in the way you do business forever.

NLP is about the study and application of the Principles of Peak Performance. In fact NLP is often referred to as the science behind success.

By choosing to attend this program you will learn how to manage your mind , your moods and your relationships and by doing so, your ability to succeed, lead , influence, motivate and negotiate,  will accelerate as you learn the art of being able to perform at your best more often.

The sessions promise to be fast paced and fun filled with lots of practical tools, tips and take aways that you can immediately put into practice.

So if you want to increase your efficiencies, improve your career prospects, get the most out of your mind, feel better more often and have a better way to handle your colleagues, clients and customers then this is the workshop for you!

Workshop Outline
Setting yourself up for Success

How to design a healthy success based Mindset.
How to set and achieve your Goals.
How to help others achieve theirs
How to secure a win-win
How to deal with setbacks and problems.

Mapping your internal World

How to work with your internal world.
How to understand your senses.
How to establish sensory preferences.
How to use this knowledge when working on yourself.
How to use this knowledge when working with others.

Emotional Mastery : Getting the best out of yourself

How to feel good more often.
How to get rid of a negative mindset.
How to build your confidence.
How to stay Motivated.

Emotional Mastery : Getting the best out of others

How to create, break and keep rapport.
How to attach good feelings to yourself your product or your service.
The 7 Human Fulfilment Drives.
The 5 Essential Needs.
The 5 Core Desires.
The 4 basic Obstacles to success.

How to overcome Resistance

How to deal with objections.
How to handle an unhappy colleague /client /customer.
How to avoid buyer remorse.

An introduction to Behavioural Profiling

Setting the baseline.
Understanding eye accessing cues.
How to read body language.
The 7 Core Patterns.
How to know if someone is not telling the truth.
How to know when or whether to engage with others.

How Behavioural Profiling works

How to profile your client.
How to engage your client.
How to predict their responses.
How to secure commitment.
How to convince your client.
How to motivate your client.
How to sell your idea or concept.

How to use the language of influence

How language impacts your ability.
Words that evoke emotion.
Words that motivate.
Word that appease.
Words that sell.

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Brian ColbertBrian Colbert, your assigned trainer, who as a Master Trainer of NLP holds one of the highest distinctions granted within the field of NLP.

Brian is already an accomplished business man with extensive qualifications and hands on experience in Industrial Relations and Personnel Management.

Brian features regularly on TV and printed media and is a much sought after keynote speaker and Corporate Coach. His depth and range of business acumen will be evident from the moment you meet him.

Brian is regarded as one of the most prominent and successful Mind Coaches in Ireland today, and has been Head Mind Coach on RTE's The Afternoon Show for the last 5 years. He also completed an eight week strand for TV3's The Morning Show on his hugely popular book 'The Happiness Habit'.

'The Happiness Habit' has remained on The Best Sellers Charts since its release in March, becoming Gill & Macmillan's most successful release in the Personal Development field ever, and is fast becoming the standard reference text for Coaching in Ireland.

Brian is a Registered Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist and Licensed Master Trainer of NLP and co-founder, of The Irish Institute of NLP. NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) is the study of how we think, communicate and behave. Often described as 'the science behind success', NLP is easy-to-learn, simple-to-use and gets powerful results in a short period of time.

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A certificate of Attendance is issued for this course

Attendance can also be used as credit points towards The Diploma in Mind Coaching


There are no requirements for attending this course and dress code is informal

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